Abortion according to aristotle essay

According to his embryological and psychological theories, a zygote and even more so an embryo, does possess a soul, for it is a living organism. Abortion Concerning the issue of abortion Aristotle's views are not considered as very clear or consistent throughout. Thus, the minimal soul ascribed to the living organism is the nutritive one.

His conclusion is that they cannot all pre-exist: The only problem with medical abortion is that it can only function for the first nine weeks after conception and the patient will receive strong cramps.

Prentice Hall Series, pp. And even more important, such an advanced ethical understanding enables a manager to resolve conflicts of interests without violating a party's rights. Aristotle also thought that if someone was virtuous, they would know when exactly to stop on their own or begin.

Abortion According to Aristotle

Aristotle was a philosopher who thought that an act is morally correct if it follows the Golden Mean. In other words, the embryo possesses all three kinds of the soul but not in their actualized state as yet "for all souls must be possessed potentially before actually", b 7 What is equally important is the basic question he poses as to whether the souls are produced in the body without existing beforehand, or they must pre-exist, or some must but not others b I have chosen the domain of applied ethics as viewed from the Aristotelian point of view precisely because certain issues have been virtually unexamined by scholars.

Clarendon Press, reference to pages where the organicistic view of the state is examined further. After all, such cases of bloody events like abortions, were seen as possible sources of ritual impurity.

This idea mostly settles in the consequences of actions and how you may respond on them. In the Nicomachean Ethics 3, a, Aristotle discusses the notion of moral choice defined as a deliberating desire and stresses that it is one of the main presuppositions of both action and truth being necessarily a combination of cognition and desire NE, Z, a; EE, B9, a4.

Spell out what this implies for this question. The example here is one of an ectopic pregnancy. It is what will help an agent balance and weigh conflicting concerns and come to a "fair" conclusion.

Some early interactions", Harvard Studies in Classical Philology 67, Clarendon Aristotle Series General editor J. This shows a key fault in that Natural Law is outdated. Having established the medical theoretical framework by which Aristotle must have been influenced let us now follow exactly what he has to say on the moral issue of abortion.

It is an excellent basis for my revision. It is not so clear though what he refers to in the fifth book. Instead of going to an excess, these girls should use the Sofia Virtue and think straight and make an appropriate decision that will not affect anybody.

Aristotle's theory of the will, New Haven: Not being up to date with modern society this isn't a philosophcial argument! Substance, Body and Soul, U. That's only one possible interpretation of NL reason applied to abortion — a common mistake is to assume all NL theorists would agree with the RC church interpretation of secondary precepts.

If a woman suffers from an ectopic pregnancy one could have an abortion to save the life of the mother. It is an activity of the soul in respect of objects conceived of as pleasant and painful, or good and bad. According to the Hippocratic oath, abortion is forbidden as morally unjustifiable.

Based on the moral reasoning of Aristotle, the correct ethical response to abortion is abstinence. Currently, abortion is a major issue facing the world, especially for teens.

Abortion According to Aristotle

Aristotle also argued that a women, and the mentally ill, did not have the power to reason. This reference to life from God inside the womb is what gives rise to the belief that life within the womb is just as sacred as life after birth.

For Aristotle, a moral agent should be endowed with the necessary capacities, the prerequisites for a good life. But others, including Aristotle will disagree. These three different ways are by absorbing the organs or pulling the fetus part by part. In this case, the deficit will be keeping the baby and the mean will be giving the baby for adoption.

He goes on providing a very essential information that the fetuses which are not yet separate must clearly be classed as possessing the nutritive soul potentially, but not actually until they are drawing in their food like the separate fetuses and are performing the function of this sort of soul b Its firm base of faith as well as reason is a good point to study when using this ethical theory in the context of abortion.“According to Aristotle’s science and metaphysics,” writes Sarah Broadie, “all living things, including mindless plants, have a good or an end proper to their species toward which they naturally tend to develop from a formless or potential state” (49).

Aristotle’s formulations continued to engage philosophers through the centuries. According to Aristotle’s thought, abortion is not following the Golden Mean because it is an action that doesn’t respond at the right time by making a decision at a wrong time, in the right way and the right amount of reason, by choosing an excess.

Aristotle on Abortion and Infanticide Mathew Lu ABSTRACT: Some recent commentators have thought that, if updated with the findings of modern embryology, Aristotle’s views on abortion would yield a pro-life conclusion. Aristotle Ethics Of Happiness Philosophy Essay.

Print Reference this. Disclaimer: According to Aristotle, human virtue means virtue of the soul and not the body, just like human happiness means happiness of the soul. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website.

Pro Choice View On Abortion Philosophy Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Thus, according to Staggenborg, “despite all the support for abortion, one of the important pro-choice facts is that those who raise pro choice issues to strengthen their cause are not pro abortion.

They take the right to as a woman’s freedom to her body. The Potentiality Principle from Aristotle to Abortion. for persuasion in the abortion debate rather than as a method for discovering decisive proofs about the morality of abortion” ().

According to Kaposy (a) the fundamental problem is not a lack of metaphysical clarity.

Abortion according to aristotle essay
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