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Austin won the Royal Rumblelastly eliminating The Rock. Austin was then arrested as part of the storyline. Please help by spinning off or relocating any relevant information, and removing excessive detail that may be against Wikipedia's inclusion policy.

McMahon, but then relieved of that role after failing to prevent a brawl between Rock and Austin. June This section may contain material discouraged by the manual of style for professional wrestling. Hart and Bulldog won the tournament, with Austin refusing to pick a partner and choosing to wrestle the former tag team champions by himself.

Cold stone business report, since Austin was still feuding with Angle and Rock had an unresolved feud with Jericho over his own title, McMahon overruled Flair and said that both men would wrestle their respective rivals for their respective titles at Vengeance, with the winners to Cold stone business report each other and the winner of that match to be crowned Undisputed WWF Champion.

I say that with all due respect to Hulk Hogan, because he had a hellacious run. Austin was eliminated by Kurt Angle, but he shortly went back in the ring and hit all three with a steel chair. During the match, Austin had been cut and was bleeding profusely from his face, but he still refused to tap out when Hart locked in his Sharpshooter.

Austin was sidelined until Survivor Series. Austin flipped off Tyson, which led to Tyson shoving Austin much to McMahon's embarrassment, who began to publicly disapprove of the prospect of Austin as his champion. Midway during the match, Mr. McMahon made his way to ringside, then prevented The Rock from pinning Austin on two separate occasions and provided Austin a steel chair to hit The Rock with.

After Austin's official return at UnforgivenCommissioner Mick Foley led an investigation to find out who ran Austin down at Survivor Series the previous year.

After clearing the ring, Triple H smashed his sledgehammer over Austin's head, and revealed it was actually him behind the whole scheme, devised to shield the WWF Championship from Austin and end his career.

He also developed an infatuation with McMahon, going to great lengths to impress him and even going so far as to hugging him and bringing him presents.

I think Hogan probably would have been a step or two behind that. Problems in the backstage creativity were however then seemingly beginning to surface. That was my thought process back in the day. After the bell, Hart continued to hold the Sharpshooter on Austin, who despite his wounds refused any assistance back to the locker room, thus turning Hart heel and Austin babyface in a rare double-turn.

Austin faced Hart once again in a street fight on the April 21 episode of Raw Is War, injuring his opponent's leg with a steel chair during the bout. Austin refused to count for either man and attacked both towards the end of the match.

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June This section may contain an excessive amount of intricate detail that may interest only a particular audience. Austin flipped off Tyson, which led to Tyson shoving Austin much to McMahon's embarrassment, who began to publicly disapprove of the prospect of Austin as his champion.

Are Cold Stone Creameries going out of business?

He continued to align himself with McMahon and began feuding with Jericho and Benoit by himself, with Kurt Angle joining the group as Triple H's replacement.

At In Your House: Immediately after, Austin and Booker T began feuding which led to various fights in strange venues, such as a church confessionala bingo hall and a supermarket. On the October 29 episode of Raw, Angle joined the Alliance and became the second most powerful wrestler in the group.

Austin eventually got his revenge on Hart in the main event of In Your House When Survivor Series rolled around, Triple H was still champion.

At In Your House: Please help by removing content such as information written in Kayfabeor an in-universe perspective, and rewrite in an encyclopedic style.

This section needs additional citations for verification. Austin won the Royal Rumblelastly eliminating The Rock. Austin would get his rematch at No Mercy against Triple H, but he lost after The Rock accidentally struck him with a sledgehammer that was meant for Triple H.

During a steel cage match with The Rock in a rematch for the title, Triple H came down to the ring with a sledgehammer and together with Austin viciously attacked The Rock and put him out of action.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Austin was eliminated early from the four-way match at In Your House 13 for the title after injuring his own knee, but was involved in the finish which saw Hart win his fourth WWF World Heavyweight Championship, [42] which he lost the next night on Raw Is War to Sycho Sid due to Austin's interference, continuing his feud with Hart.

Austin further cemented his heel turn the following Thursday on SmackDown! He began a small spat with Angle over who was McMahon's biggest supporter. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Austin was sidelined until Survivor Series. For most of the next month leading to King of the Ringhe constantly fell victim to a double submission involving Jericho's Walls of Jericho and Benoit's Crippler Crossface and did not wrestle as he was nursing an injury, but continued to feud with the reigning tag team champions, eventually costing them the titles on the SmackDown!

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