Stone cold by robert swindells book

He soon finds that the landlord, known as "Rat face," is an unpleasant man who forces him to pay an extortionate deposit that blows almost all of the money he has left, musing in hindsight that he would have been better off going to the YMCA. Watching her go, Link sadly pockets the money and questions to himself whether justice was really done since Shelter will get a roof over his head, a warm bed and three meals a day in prison, but he will not.

By buying a flat and a cat he manages to lure many of the homeless to their deaths. Once there, Shelter kills Ginger. After a few bad days of being homeless he meets Ginger, a streetwise person who has been homeless for quite some time.

Thinking he is no longer safe in Bradford, he goes to London. After some time, Link accepts that Ginger has vanished and that he is on his own again.

The two of them decide to pull together, and Ginger shows Link how to survive on the streets. He lingered for some time on the streets of Bradfordoccasionally sleeping on his sister's couch, to the irritation of her boyfriend.

Carole, was the only person who knew the plan, and she gave him money and saw him off at the station. However, he was suspended from office for unexplained reasons it is implied that it was because he was mentally inadequate. He lingered for some time on the streets of Bradfordoccasionally sleeping on his sister's couch, to the irritation of her boyfriend.

In an effort to be diverse in his killings, he targets all races and genders. He decides to make them his next victims. Though Link fancies her, he has suffered too many disappointments in his life to want to try anything with her so he gets up to leave. However, the close-knit nature of his community in Bradford, Link found that being in a relationship with his sister there was humiliating, and after an argument with Vince at Christmas, he decided to sneak off to London to start a new life.

He decides to make them his next victims. One day, Shelter meets Link and Ginger, and he declines to give them money when they beg from him.

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Carnegie of Carnegies[ edit ] For the 70th anniversary inCILIP posted online information about all of the winning books and conducted a poll to identify the nation's favourite Carnegie Medalist, to be named the "Carnegie of Carnegies". Carole moved out after a fight with Vince and started living with her boyfriend, Chris.

In London, he is in the London Borough of Camdenwhen he sees an advertisement for a small bedsit and thinks he is in luck.By Robert Swindells. S T U D E N T W O R K B O O K Stone Cold: Novel Questions Link Section 1 1.

What is the title of the novel? 2. Who is the author? Describe Vince. 7. How did Link end up homeless? Daily Routine Orders 1 1. How do we know someone different is speaking in this section? 2. What does he call himself? 3. Do you think this.

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Filmer från – ”Filmer ” Film – Nya filmer Bio – Kommande Filmer på bio Topp Filmer Puffin Essentials Stone Cold (Puffin Teenage Fiction) by Swindells, Robert and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at All Articles List of all articles in previous BCD publications.

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The Carnegie Medal is a British literary award that annually recognizes one outstanding new book for children or young is conferred upon the author by the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP).

CILIP calls it "the UK's oldest and most prestigious book award for children's writing" and claims that writers call it "the one they want to win". Stone Cold is a realistic young-adult novel by Robert Swindells, published by Heinemann in Set on the streets of London, the first-person narrative switches between Link, a newly-homeless sixteen-year-old adjusting to his situation, and Shelter, an ex-army officer scorned after being dismissed from his job, supposedly on 'medical grounds'.

Stone cold by robert swindells book
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