Types of case control studies ppt

Smoking by the maternal caregiver was most strongly associated with asthma in the child. Use to investigate factors other than cigarette smoking Symptom syndromes: Fictitious Example There is a suspicion that zinc oxide, the white non-absorbent sunscreen traditionally worn by lifeguards is more effective at preventing sunburns that lead to skin cancer than absorbent sunscreen lotions.

Issues in Selection of Controls 1. Case Control Study Definition A study that compares patients who have a disease or outcome of interest cases with patients who do not have the disease or outcome controlsand looks back retrospectively to compare how frequently the exposure to a risk factor is present in each group to determine the relationship between the risk factor and the disease.

When funding and time constraints are not compatible with a cohort study. Issues in Case-Control Studies: Case-control and cohort studies offer specific advantages by measuring disease occurrence and its association with an exposure by offering a temporal dimension i. The investigator then determines whether cases and controls were exposed or not exposed to the risk factor.

Images not copyright InfluentialPoints credit their source on web-pages attached via hypertext links from those images. Selection of non-random control can be accepted if there really is no subjective choice involved in other words no risk of selection bias, but usually a random element is essential.

Dynamic populations may be stable over short time periods. Criteria to define type of case-control designs Cases incident or prevalent If cases are prevalent in other words pre-existing rather than incident newly arisingthe odds ratio estimated is the prevalence odds ratio.

This study looked at the relation between risk of acute myocardial infarction and current or former smoking, type of tobacco, amount smoked, effect of smokeless tobacco, and exposure to secondhand smoke.

In human or veterinary epidemiology the condition of interest is usually a disease.

5 - Case-Control Study Design

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For example, we might enoll patients in a hospital, but we don't really know the size of the general popluation that would have come to the hospital.

Case-Control Studies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

There are two basic types of case-control studies, distinguished by the method used to select controls. The retrospective nature of the design results in a high risk of recall bias.

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You can use PowerShow. Restriction c In the data analysis:Cohort studies and case-control studies are two primary types of observational studies that aid in evaluating associations between diseases and exposures. In this review article, we describe these study designs, methodological issues, and provide examples from the plastic surgery literature.

Case Studies: Types, Designs, and Logics of Inference 3 It is important to note that “case” is not equivalent to “observations.” In an early critique of case study approaches, Campbell and Stanley () argued that case studies are inherently limited in their ability to establish causation because of the “degrees of freedom”.

case-control studies use prevalent cases while other case-control studies use incident cases. There are also different ways that cases can be identified, such as using population-based cases or hospital-based cases. Types of cases used in case control studies Prevalent cases are all persons who were existing cases of.

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The other basic type is a matched case-control study. In a matched study, we enroll controls based upon some characteristic(s) of the case. For example, we might match the sex of .

Types of case control studies ppt
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